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Slow and steady pwpush.com usage has been organically growing since 2011 with no advertisements and no corporate backing. Just myself and a great community of intelligent security minded people.

That community has been a big help in supporting the project, contributing ideas, fixes and community help.

With that feedback and inspiration I’ve added logins, file uploads, passphrase lockdowns, audit logs and more. See some of the feature screenshots in this X thread.

Now to hit 185,000 users in January 2024 is just crazy.

And to top it off, that doesn’t include the uncounted number of JSON API users and hundreds(?) of self-hosted instances out in the wild and in private intranets.

Here are two Google Analytics screenshots to illustrate:

2011 - 2023 (end of GA3 before GA4 Transition)

January 2024

Some Other Stats

In that time since 2011, we now are up to 2,173 commits, 1500 pull requests and 1600 Github stars in the Github Repository.

The Docker containers have over 50 million downloads.


And to top it all off, I’m humbled to receive messages and feedback like this more than a few times a year (which I really appreciate):

A recent DM

A Reddit thread

So a big thanks to the community - it’s the community support, feedback and ideas which makes building this project fun.

Now go and star the Github repository and post about Password Pusher on social media. :-)